Be Alert to Bogus Social Media Groups

It is apparent that certain individuals and groups based in China and Hong Kong are illegally using the corporate identities and brand names of companies to solicit investors to join bogus groups on instant messaging apps (such as WhatsApp).

Olympus Capital does NOT provide equity investment advice or recommendations through any instant messaging app.

If you receive an invitation to join any groups on instant messengers from a person claiming to represent Olympus Capital, please note that it is false personation, and be advised not to open any links provided therein.

If you are concerned that you may have been deceived by any such group, please immediately report the case to the Hong Kong Police Force.

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 本公司注意到某些位于中国大陆和香港的个人和团体,非法利用企业身份和公司品牌名称来招揽投资者加入虚假的即时通讯应用软件群组(例如 WhatsApp)。





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